METALSISTEM Foundation Onlus

As with other large Italian and international Groups, a prevailing sense of "social responsibility" has grown with the Metalsistem Group.

Sustainable development is seen at the Metalsistem Group not only as a modern utopian ideal of a clean environment and social justice but one which supplies, in addition to a fundamental strategic and operative architecture, a social acknowledgement and concise awareness of a successful enterprise.

The Foundation's "idea for development" is a concrete project born from "the development of an idea".
It seems a play with words but it is this project's blue print; a vision to create added value within a local territory, acknowledging and sustaining individuals in the creation of activities, and in so doing start a spiral of activity (as the president defines "a self generating process") that produces a positive fall out over the broader economy of the territory.

As with the Metalsistem experience, create, by analogy, a self generating model working on a local territory and - as the president says "think globally, act locally" - exporting into other realities, but this time those less fortunate than our own.

As a result of a consolidated tradition, the direction taken by Metalsistem had reached such a dimension in terms of projects and of intensions that it required the formation of the FOUNDATION, a non profit point of reference.

Fondazione METALSISTEM Onlus
Non profit Organisation

Bank Account: 2431X81
Filiale di Rovereto (TN)

Codice IBAN:
IT30 N 05696 20800 000002431X81

Codice SWIFT:

Tel. +39 0464 303030
Fax. +39 0464 303031

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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